How we add value for shareholders...

Our core activities

  • Upgrading buildings via development and refurbishment to provide better quality accommodation for occupiers
  • Managing properties to generate good income and capital returns
  • Buying assets, often in joint venture, to secure real estate “raw material” for improvement
  • Selling assets to crystallise profits enabling the recycling of capital
  • Adjusting the portfolio mix and capital structure to take account of economic and property market cycles

What drives our success compared to the peer group?

The Group has important resources and attributes which enhance performance.

Effective reading of the property cycle
London market specialism
Ownership of real estate in popular, central locations
Unrelenting focus on property with growth potential
Buying at below replacement cost
See our acquisitions case study
See our development case study
Management focus and entrepreneurial culture
Cultivation of valuable property, regulatory and financing contacts
Close tenant relationships
Effective partnerships with key suppliers
See how we motivate our people
Finance and operations
Moderate levels of flexible, low cost financial leverage
Analytical and business planning tools
Integrated risk management framework
Continual effort to improve sustainability characteristics of our business
See Risk Management

How do we
measure success?

For many years we have calibrated our absolute and relative performance using a small number of key performance indicators. We manage the business to consistently drive results in excess of these benchmarks.

Group KPI summary

See Group KPI's

What are the external
influences on the Company?

The commercial property sector is highly cyclical and dependent on the state of the UK economy, global capital flows and financing markets. We continually monitor these forces as well as evaluate regulatory and property specific trends. To gauge the direction of our main markets we focus on the following lead indicators:

Lead indicators

What are the strategic
priorities to deliver success?

We reassess our priorities every year to take into account market trends and the Group’s available resources.

The Group’s three priorities for the last financial year are still relevant for today’s market:

The Group’s three priorities for the last financial year are still relevant for today’s market

See our priorities in action