Our people

How do we motivate our employees?

Achievement of our strategic priorities is dependent upon our company culture of consistent operational success which allows us to attract, develop, motivate and retain talented employees. So what is our culture? Entrepreneurial, pragmatic, with a high level of involvement from senior and executive management and an emphasis on cross discipline teamwork.

How do we maintain this positive culture?

  • Through a flat management structure;
  • regular and effective communication with an ‘open door’ policy in addition to regular meetings held weekly, monthly and quarterly across the various teams on different aspects of the business;
  • by encouraging our people to be innovative, to think outside the box and have a “can do” attitude;
  • a disciplined approach – providing clear policies and procedures and instilling a strong sense of responsibility for active risk management;
  • a collegiate style, with recognition of a project’s success being based upon the contribution and smooth interaction of every member of the team;
  • recruiting high quality individuals with a constructive mindset and valuable experience;
  • matching the right people to the right roles and taking action where there are gaps;
  • providing well constructed and fair reward systems designed to incentivise superior performance and align employees’ and shareholders interests;
  • ensuring continual improvement of the skills and competency of our employees at all levels and across all disciplines through appropriate training and development courses; and
  • fostering a friendly environment engendering a strong camaraderie.

Our team

Our team brings together specialist skills used to manage our portfolio on a building by building basis to ensure the achievement of our strategic priorities across the life cycle of our buildings.


Investment management

Our Investment management specialists are responsible for:

  • sourcing new assets, sometimes through joint ventures;
  • recycling assets out of the portfolio where business plans are complete and further growth is limited; and
  • working closely with the Asset Managers and Development Managers in respect of the individual asset business plans.

During the year, we recruited an additional Investment Manager to support our Head of Investment Management in executing our business plans.

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